Friday, November 16, 2007

Recruitment Agencies - Look Alike Opportunities

Has anybody ever told you that you seem like a star or a politician, living or dead? If you look like Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley or some current celebrity there are international jobs looking for you.

There are manpower consulting agencies that go out of their way to look like somebody else. Being misleading is what these agencies do. These placement agencies are very specialized and offer a service like a talent agency.

Some of the bigger recruitment look alike agencies have more than one double for each popular celebrity. For example, there is usually more than one Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp celebrity look alike at an agency. For less popular stars like Mel Gibson or Nicole Kidman, there is generally only one look alike.

Companies will generally move toward reputable look alike agencies with an event and celebrity already in mind. Other companies may only have an even that wants some kind of interest, and they leave the choice of celebrity double up to the recruitment look alike agencies. The events that most employer will employ a look alike for vary greatly: cocktail parties, holiday parties, store openings, fundraisers and even meetings all regularly have celebrity doubles in attendance.

In addition to booking celebrity look alikes to company events, employment agencies also will employ doubles with movie and TV companies. Some movie or TV corporations choose to hire a celebrity look alike as a stunt or nudity double. If the actual actor or actress is not capable or averse to shoot an especially difficult or gratuitous scene, a celebrity double may be called in to be the back of the celebrity's head or even his or her back side.

So if somebody told you that you look like a celebrity or someone else, here's a possible path for some extra money or even a career. All you have to do is look like someone else.

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